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The more thorough the recruitment process, the greater the certainty that your new employee will be a real asset to your company!

Finding the ideal employee is all about using a recruitment process that is tailored to the role you are looking to fill. With a track record in ICT sales (management) recruitment spanning more than 25 year, G-Consult & Service can bank on a wealth of in-house experience to define, guide and coach the recruitment process successfully. With in excess of 10,000 interviews and hundreds of recruitments to our name, not to mention a glowing list of testimonials to back up our claims, we have become one of the benchmarks in the market.

But let’s be clear, recruitment is just the start. Recruitment serves a purpose, i.e. success, because a new employee’s success translates into the new employer’s success. In time, the only relevant benchmarks in the context of a successful recruitment are performance and retention.

Successful recruitment starts with mutual respect and equality between both parties (between the prospective new employee and the prospective new employer). Recruitment is a two-step decision-making process. The recruitment process is a means to enable the prospective new employee and the prospective new employer to make sound and reasoned decisions. For that reason, an efficient recruitment process must reflect the values and philosophy of mutual respect and equality.

In practice however, companies and applicants alike often take decisions based on generalities and superficialities, without carefully analysing the true motivators and/or drivers and without systematically collecting and making the most of the, in principle, readily available information about either profile or job.

Information as to what a role has to offer in terms of fulfilling an applicant’s rational and emotional needs tends to be harder to come by. That information relates to both the content of the job and to the corporate environment people work in. Examples that spring to mind are leadership style, corporate and departmental culture, values and standards on interacting with staff, colleagues and customers, training and development, financial and organisational (in)stability, etc.

A successful recruitment process is a joint exploration of that information with mutual respect within a context of confidentiality. It involves multiple personal and psychological aspects, not in the least an awareness-raising process. What is a “prospective new employee” looking for in his new role, and what does the organisation expect from the new employee? Both parties use conversations, observations, references, etc. to find out more and to formulate a choice. It is precisely because both parties are responsible for their own decisions that this exploratory phase needs to be conducted on an equal, transparent and professional basis.

It is our objective to offer you our expertise as coaching catalyst, to, on the basis of our competent service provision, find the right candidate for the position you are looking to fill and to make sure that you, as organisation, and you, as candidate, take centre stage in that process.

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Active Recruitment of sales and sales management professionals within the ICT sector

Executive Search

G-Consult & Service specialises in the recruitment of sales (management) professionals within the Belgian ICT world.

Our tailored recruitment and selection procedures are designed to find new people that will provide your organisation or company with the added value you need.

Our search focuses on people with the right knowledge, competences and attitude, keen to embrace new and exciting opportunities. Our sophisticated, recognised methodology and personalised approach allows us to ensure a perfect match between candidate and client.

We aim to be a qualitatively strong recruitment partner who pursues a long-term relationship of trust and result with both its clients and candidates.

Targeted Information

Our years of experience and expertise allow us to inform our candidates and clients truthfully, correctly and purposefully.

The numerous interviews and our continuous personal contact with people from hundreds of ICT companies, are at the heart of our know-how about roles, knowledge, competences, salary structures, training policies, corporate cultures and management styles of the relevant players in each segment, or niche of the Belgian ICT market. We use this know-how to inform and challenge candidates and clients to check and validate their story and to present it as honestly, correctly and as engagingly as possible.

Personalised Career Guidance

G-Consult & Service offers its interlocutors professional guidance, to ensure that they make the right career decisions.

As there are times where people may need some professional coaching to realise their success, we act as a sounding board and don’t content ourselves with holding up a mirror.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Belgian ICT world makes that we can identify with the daily work-related issues, our clients and candidates can be faced with. Our highly personalised approach allows us to accurately assess our candidates’ capabilities and competences and to assist them in their self-development.

We specialise in career coaching, recruitment coaching, personal coaching and organisational & developmental coaching.

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On these pages, the candidates and clients of G-Consult testify about their experiences. Each testimony is the result of one or more interviews that were taken from the persons involved. Both positive and negative experiences were evaluated.

The testimonials therefore provide a very clear picture of who John and Jan are, what values they use, what competencies they mobilize and how they live up to their moral commitment in daily recruitment practice.

All testimonials are published with the approval of the people involved.

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